January 03, 2018

    "Steve and Dave helped us short sell our home without us having to skip a single mortgage payment and enter the foreclosure process. The day after we closed on that home, we closed on the purchase of another home. They have in-depth, expert-level knowledge of the short-sale and foreclosure processes and were extremely helpful in getting our deals done.I've known them personally for many years now and trust them wholeheartedly. They are men of their word and keep their promises. They are excellent realtors with great senses of humor, are very personable, and are family men. Great guys all around.I know this sounds like a cliche recommendation, but I mean every single word and I never write recommendations for people. These guys are the real deal. Thanks Z Team!" ... Read More


    January 03, 2018

    Very Grateful! We were upside down on our house and had an equity line where we took over $80,000 out and spent on consolidating bills. Dave and his staff handled every aspect of the short sale from helping with the paperwork, talking to the bank (we never had to speak with the banks fortunately), explaining the process and showing the home. They were very efficient and through multiple negotiations with the bank we got both loans approved and the equity line wiped out to zero. We even received $10,000 to move! Financially it saved us and allowed us to move with a fresh start. We are very grateful. ... Read More


    January 03, 2018

    "During this difficult housing market, we had a higher-end property that we needed to sell. Dave Z met with us, assessed our situation, and then listed the property. Even though the market was rather dire, effectively used his various resources to enable many potential buyers to view and then bid on the property. After we found the right buyer, and received an offer that was acceptable, Dave then effectively negotiated with the bank to get the deal to go through. Although I had been told by attorneys that the banks would not budge on their initial offer, when Dave did the bank negotiation, he got the offer to go through. We are pleased customers. Thanks Dave." ... Read More